Gen Z is breaking the electoral internet

The success of a savvy influencer that heralds the collapse of old online internet laws

Politics, makeup, and chihuahuas. A typical illustration of the Instagram landing page of Nuevo Leon’s future first lady.
The political old guard saw this online video from her college years as potential “dirt” against the junior congresswoman

Again: According to the Mexican National Electoral Institute, the wife should charge the husband for every Instagram story in the campaign trail because she is a successful influencer. This is the poster child of a GenZ problem. The only thing missing is a TikTok dance (there is a TikTok sound people could duet, though)

The typical mix of Mariana Rodriguez Cantu’s Instagram posts containing personal, electoral, and lifestyle material

Can you imagine if the future first lady of Nuevo Leon actually had invoiced her husband for 2 million dollars for using her online persona to promote his campaign? Considering that Mexican campaigns are publicly funded, it would instantly be framed as a way to steal public funds! What would the corruption scandal look like?